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Specialized in LED Solutions

For the Sign Industry

​Illuminating the world's signage industry with top quality LED Products.

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Who We Are

At Starux, Inc., we’re an established company that develops and produces high-quality LED sign modules. Our goal is to provide products of excellent durability and quality at competitive prices, and we highly prize our long-standing relationship with trusted customers developed over the years.

What We Provide

We are offering the specialized LED solutions such as channel letter module, retrofit & cabinet lighting, LED driver and all customer’s needs through the fully stocked NJ warehouse that enables direct shipping to the entire North and South Continent. We are staffed with experienced LED professionals from the industry to provide you with exceptional and swift customer assistance that is just a phone call or an email away.


What We Do

In order to provide quality products and services that best satisfy and meet our customers’ expectations, we place our clients’ needs first.

Our engineers are responsible for the entire process of “Design-to-Package”, a system that includes product quality control, in ensuring that we supply first-rate end-products by managing and supervising all production processes to achieve our goals and values.

We are constantly investing in Research & Development (R&D) and expanding our business scope to provide multitudinous specialized LED solutions fit for any occasion.

Service & Support

We know it’s not just about the solutions we create. We’re here to make that technology work when, where, and how you want it to.

Quality Product Design

We are committed to delivering peace of mind with every engineered product and solution we offer and service.


Our partners take pride in distributing and servicing the highest quality products.

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